Introducing the Cardfight Cup: Standard Edition!

We’ve listened to the feedback we got from the poll on which format we should host the Cardfight Cup as and based on that we’ve decided to add in a second event!

The results of the poll were incredibly close with only a couple of votes in it and the game itself is in flux at the moment with no one really sure which format will become dominant. Rather than try and push things in one direction or another we’re putting the decision in the player’s hands once more by hosting the Cardfight Cup in BOTH standard and premium formats!

Tickets will remain the same and you don’t even have to make your choice until the dust has settled after the upcoming releases – you can choose which format you’d like to play on the day of the event! When presenting your ticket just tell us which format you’d like to play in and we’ll sign you up – it’s as easy as that!

Tickets for the Cardfight Cup can be found here and we hope to see all of you at TCG Con in August.

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