Tournament Prize Support Update From Ultra Pro

We’ve had more information on the prize support that is being provided by Ultra Pro.

The following prize support is confirmed for each of the three main tournaments running at TCG Con this August; The Elemental Cup, The Cardfight Cup & The Shenron Cup.

In addition to other prizes in each of the three above tournaments the following are being provided by Ultra Pro:

1st Place:
Ultra Pro Citadel Backpack
M2 Deckbox
Eclipse sleeves pack

2nd Place:
Ice Tower Deckbox
Eclipse sleeves pack
Drawstring Bag (2nd place)

3rd – 8th Place
Satin Box
Eclipse sleeves pack
Drawstring Bag

As, as confirmed previously each participant of the Elemental Cup, Cardfight Cup and Shenron Cup will get a pack of anime art sleeves on entry.

Get your tickets for all the tournaments at TCG Con here and we’ll see you August 18th/19th.

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