The Elemental Cup Tournament Update #2

The Elemental Cup is the Final Fantasy TCG tournament taking place at TCG con this August.

We’ve just received a delivery from Square Enix today! So, in addition to booster prizes, the prize support from Ultra Pro announced on Tuesday and the support provided by Asmodee UK & Big Orbit Cards (Tournament Organiser) announced yesterday, Square Enix are providing Final fantasy X playmats & Fat Chocobo sleeves

The top four players in the tournament will each receive a Final Fantasy X playmat and, in an update to yesterday’s post, the top 16 will now all receive a pack of sleeves (choice of Fat Chocobo or Tonberry) – the top 8 getting first pick followed by places 9-16.

They’ve also kindly provided an extra 3 booster boxes, 2 opus 3 and 1 opus 6 that will be used in addition to the booster support already provided by Big Orbit Cards.

We’d like to offer a big thanks to Square Enix for providing these sleeves & playmats.

Buy your ticket for the Elemental Cup here.

As a quick reminder, booster prize support will vary based on attendance and all prizes can be exchanged for equivalent value of store credit with Big Orbit Cards. Support for the full 120 players is as follows

  • 1st Place – The Elemental Cup + Booster Box or Store Credit with Big Orbit Cards
  • 2nd – Boosters Box/Store Credit
  • 3rd – 18 Boosters
  • 4th – 18 Boosters
  • 5th-8th – 12 Boosters
  • 9th-16th – 7 Boosters
  • 17th-32nd – 3 Boosters



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