Bulk Trading at TCG Con

Do you have boxes and folders full of cards that you don’t use or need any more? Why not bring them along to the Big Orbit stand at TCG Con and trade in all of your bulk for cash* or store credit!

You’ll find the Big Orbit stand at the back of the retail zone and staff will be on hand to evaluate collections and give you a quote all weekend. Now’s you chance to trim your collections and either get some cash or reinvest some store credit into nice new cards that you can use! All games systems will be considered so there’s no reason not to bring stuff along!

Got cards you know are value? Then you can use their sell system and drop it in at the show!

Get your tickets for the convention here and we hope to see you in Stratford upon Avon on August 18th/19th

*for larger amounts, bank transfer may be required rather than cash.


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