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Lightseekers Tournament Announced for Sunday 19th

Lightseekers Tournament

Set Legality for our Tournaments

Traveling to the Convention

Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament Announced for Sunday 19th

TCG Con Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

The Cardfight Cups – Additional Prizes Added

More Prize support updates – The Shenron Cup

Even More Tournament Prize Support – The Elemental Cup

The Elemental Cup Tournament Update 2

Tournament Prize Support – The Elemental Cup

The Elemental Cup Prize Support

Ultra Pro Prize Support Update

Ultra Pro Prize Support

The Cosplay Forge will be at TCG Con

Cosplay Forge Confirmed

Volunteer at TCG Con

Playfusion at TCG Con – Lightseekers and Age of Sigmar – Champions

PlayFusion Confirmed

The Card Cavern will be exhibiting at TCG Con

Ultra Pro to provide additional tournament support

Ultra Pro Tournament Support

The Games Den are confirmed for TCG Con

Pokepottz are confirmed for TCG Con

Pokepott Confirmed For Retail Zone

PayPay now accepted for payments

Paypal Now Acceptd

Cosplayer Bermuda Rhombus confirmed as attending

Geeknson confirmed for TCG Con

Darkmind confirmed for TCG Con

Announcing The Cardfight Cup – Standard Edition

Cardfight Vanguard Divas’ Festa Giveaway

Format confirmed for the Cardfight Cup

Cardfight Cup Format Confirmed

Vote on the format of the Cardfight Cup

Square Enix providing support for the Elemental Cup

Magic: the Gathering at TCG Con

Announcing the Shenron Cup – Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Announcing the Elemental Cup – Final Fantasy TCG

Announcing the Cardfight Cup – Cardfight Vanguard

Kannter Art confirmed for TCG Con

Asmodee confirmed for the Demo Zone at TCG Con

Tickets now available

Venue Confirmed – Stratford upon Avon School

Stratford Upon Avon School - Venue for TCG Con

Tournaments Announced

What is TCG Con?

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